Wholesale Microfiber

Scroll through our selection of wholesale microfiber towels and cloths for bulk ordering at wholesale prices.  Yes, we are open to the public. Expect to spend at least $50 as this is our minimum purchase amount at check out. If you need a smaller sample order first before ordering in bulk, please call (866) 782-7181 as this needs to be done manually by our staff team.

If you are not sure which type will be best for your use, read our about page as we give you a better understanding for what to look for before purchasing.

Most of our products are listed as wholesale which makes them great for resale.  Generic tags with washing instructions only or no label at all for private labeling capabilities.

Basically there are four types of molds made.  Terry, Suede, Waffle Weave and Knit.  Each designed to offer different capabilities.  Also remember color matters.  The lighter the color, the softer your cloths will be.

Three factors to consider.  Size, Weight, Texture for example;
Microfiber Glass Towels
Wholesale Microfiber Glass Towels
$1.39 each / $278.00
Free Shipping
16″ x 16″
Two-Sided Knit
Bulk: 200 Towels

This towel is described as very dense because of its tight pattern.  Scratch-less performance for glasses, windows, chrome and any delicate surface.  #1 selling lint free towel that offers spotless results.  These are also available in a 12″ x 16″.  Commercial grade.

 Microfiber Waffle Weave Towels in Bulk
Wholesale Waffle Weave Towels
$2.37 each / $284.40
Freight Included
16″ x 24″
Bulk: 120 Towels

If you are looking for absorbancy then these are probably the towels for you.  Another good all around drying towel.  Best used for drying cars, as a kitchen towel or even as a hand towel.  Again another towel that is best known for being streak free and lint free.

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