Wholesale Microfiber Towels

When Microfiber first hit the market in the USA people were curious about this new clingy feeling cloth. What was this? It felt different than cotton rags. It was softer and after buying it and trying out at home they came to find out this cloth had the capabilities to pick up dust like no other cotton wiping rags or cloths they had ever used before.  Also, the comparison with soaking up liquid spills was bar to none.  You see, microfiber can hold 7x its weight in water. The absorbancy test was incredible with the microfiber cloth. Okay even better test was to try this on glass. Wow, no streaks really?  Another great feature is how these tiny fibers pick up dust like a magnet.

Quality Wholesale Microfiber Towels

The quality of microfiber towels at the time was purely premium. Today, this is not the case. Factories have flooded the market in the USA with wholesale second quality microfiber. Not all micro-fibers are the same.
Wholesale Microfiber
Basically there are four types of molds made. Terry, Suede, Waffle Weave and Knit. Each microfiber cloth is designed to offer different capabilities. Also remember color matters. The lighter the color, the softer your cloths will be.

About Microfiber Cloths

Three factors to consider. Size, Weight, and Texture. If you are not sure which type of microfiber towel will work best for you, read our about microfiber page as this will give you a better understanding for what to look for in microfiber cloths before purchasing wholesale.

There are several microfiber towels and cleaning cloths out there in stores wholesale but you will never find the quality that we offer at ROSCO MICROFIBER.

Wholesale Microfiber Towels & Cleaning Cloths

Best for auto detailing, janitorial cleaning, window cleaning, car washing and drying, house cleaning, dusting, polishing chrome, glass cleaning, and pretty much any thing that requires the best towels for any cleaning task.

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Most of our wholesale microfiber cleaning cloths are listed at bulk prices which makes them great for resale.  Generic tags with washing instructions only or no label at all for private branding.

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