About Microfiber

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are molded from a blend of polyester/polyamide in large rolls and then cut into towel and cloth sizes.

What different types of microfiber are there

Microfiber can be constructed several different ways.  Each type is molded for its purpose.  Read on About Microfiber

1.  Microfiber Terry – this type of microfiber is seen most often in stores and is considered to be an all purpose towel mainly for cleaning.  With that said, there are still several factors that the general public may not be aware of when purchasing.

for instance…

On the packaging you will generally see the statement of 100% microfiber.  This is not always what you are looking for.  Microfiber is a generic term and used widely for many things.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

What Is The Difference Between Microfiber Cleaning Cloths and Cotton Wiping Rags

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths leave no residue, and hold more dirt, dust, water and liquid.  Cotton Wiping Rags push and scatter dirt and moisture leaving a dirty residue and streaks.  Another difference between the two is microfiber captures bacteria until washed, then releases it where as cotton does not.

Polyester is considered a microfiber which basically means very small fibers.  But the true powers that comes from the microfiber towel is actually the polyamides used in the mold and again how many times the fibers have been split.

All good reasons to read the fine print.  Our microfibers are mostly constructed of and 80/20 split or a 70/30 split.

Factor #2.  The GSM, what is this you may ask?
Well this is the thickness and weight of the towel itself.  GSM stands for grams per square meter.  This is very important to know, because you may think that all micro-fibers are the same but until you do research, you are just thinking all microfiber is the same and its not.  The standard gsm for the commercial industry is 300gsm.  Good quality and can stand up to many washings.  Anything less if the size is a 16 x 16 may be thinner and a cheaper quality than what you were expecting, so do you research.

Washing and caring for your cloths will help to protect the life of your cloths.  Be sure not to bleach per the instructions on the label if there is one.  Most of our wholesale towels do not have tags so it is important to remember this.  Cause what happens is the fibers will be burnt and melted which clogs up the fibers and they will not perform the same after that.  Also dry on a light cycle, as this will also expand the life of your towels.